People are born for Greatness. We each have a mission in life that requires the great gift that we are.

However, we don’t relate to ourselves as great. Rather, we relate to ourselves through our accumulation of identity baggage. Our perception of what’s possible becomes our own internal ceiling.Do we see ourselves through a lens of struggle, achievement, and survival? Or perhaps as a repetitive failure, not lovable,
or unworthy?

Our thinking, actions, and flexibility to embrace change are limited by self-perception. We are also limited by the social cues and clichés that are the framework of our various networks. These frameworks are made up of societal expectations, opinions, judgments, and evaluations of what we “should” be doing or how we “should” go about life if we are going to “get it right.” As a result, we don’t take risks or color outside the lines. These perceptions, limitations, and constraints become our very own ceiling and cost us the opportunity of experiencing fulfillment and proven success.

We relate to our inner questioning as if it is the holy grail of “truth.” If we dare to dream, we are confronted by a mountain of evidence of why that is a bad idea, and we conform to the dynamics of our social networks. We give away ourselves and lose ourselves.

Your awakening is a phenomenon.