Judy Lane helps clients develop, communicate, execute, and sustain
corporate strategic initiatives.

Executives today have little time to devote to executing strategy.  For the Executive Entrepreneur and Visionary Leader, their needs are particularly great even as their budgets are stretched and limited. Many have come to rely on Judy Lane, a seasoned executive with regional, national and global credentials, who they retain in a consultative role.

Judy’s unique background lends itself to a multitude of different operating experiences, and includes being both a creative thinker and an
influential collaborator.

  • As an Executive Consultant, she is a specialist who is focused on strategy formulation, execution and project management. As such, she expands the executive team, giving them the freedom to focus on their own unique talents and expertise, accountabilities, goals and benchmarks.
  • As a Change Agent, she is highly qualified to facilitate and empower visionary leaders to seek out new and creative approaches to complex strategic challenges and issues, as well as to facilitate communication between teams, team members and stakeholders.
  • As an Expert Practitioner, she plans, develops, directs and implements marketing, communications and public relations campaigns — both external and internal, at both the strategic and tactical levels. Judy’s portfolio includes regional, national and global initiatives on behalf of corporations, government agencies, not-for-profit associations and family-owned companies. She has built businesses, orchestrated regional, national and global campaigns for social transformation, created brands, developed market share, and established valuable relationships and profitable partnerships.

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