I’m not all talk and no action. I’m a combination of both.

My colleagues and peers relate to me as a passionate force to be reckoned with, but my clients rely on me as an integral part of their ongoing strategic business planning, execution and implementation.  I bring clarity to their leadership as they explore new options, cultivate new thinking, and create new approaches to complex business and professional challenges.

How may I serve you?
Let’s count the ways…

  1. Communicate and implement your organization’s strategy — internally and externally — so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it carries out the company’s overall goals.
  2. Drive decision-making that creates medium- and long-term growth and profitability.
  3. Establish and review key strategic priorities and translate them into a comprehensive strategic plan.
  4. Monitor the execution of the strategic plan.
  5. Facilitate and drive key strategic initiatives through the inception phase.
  6. Ensure departmental/unit strategic planning projects reflect the organizational strategic priorities.
  7. Partner with organizational leadership, special committees, and other consultants to support execution of key initiatives.
  8. Develop inclusive planning processes.
  9. Translate strategies into actionable and quantitative plans.
  10. Mobilize and manage teams charged with executing strategies.
  11. Act as a resource across an organization to increase broad cohesion for strategic plans.

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