How do you find the Wisdom of Leadership required to elevate your performance as a leader to achieve greater success?

The Wisdom of Leadership lies not in knowing how to make a decision or even how to make THE RIGHT decision. Instead, it is in knowing how to assess the impact of your leadership decision on others: on the organization, on the clients, on the community.

The Wisdom of Leadership is not “knowing how to get ahead” but, rather, knowing how to leverage all of your expertise, talents, skills, experiences — and your humanity — on behalf of the community.

Is it about YOU? Or is it about the impact of your leadership?

The Wisdom of Leadership is about balancing your knowledge, skills and expertise with your humanity.   It is about knowing how to follow your heart rather than your behavioral cues and mechanisms.

The Wisdom of Leadership is knowing how to elevate who you have been into who you can be:

  • an individual who leads from the heart and not from other’s expectations;
  • an individual who is who KNOWS who he/she is as a Great Gift to the World. And can recognize the Leadership Pause” as a reaction to the swirl that is experienced when many motivations exist:
  • an individual who can transform unfulfilled expectations, thwarted intentions, broken promises, conflicting commitments, beliefs, superstitions and inherited cultural practices into one singular, guiding principle at the core of your very being.

Finding the Wisdom of Leadership can elevate you into the type of person that will – without thinking – step in front of a speeding train or take a bullet without thinking, simply because that you draw the line at your Core Values. What would it be like to live and lead from THAT which draws you forward, out of your circumstances, situations, justifications, and rationalizations to LEAD?

How do you bring all that you have learned, all that you relate to you as being, Into who you have yet to become?  The key to achieving that goal lies not in the answers but in the questions you ask yourself.

You, alone, can lead yourself into your own future.  Make sure you ask the right questions and seek the answers that define your core values, not your promises or commitments to others.

Let me help you identify and articulate your questions.    Let me help you find the Wisdom of Leadership.

Yours in leadership and wisdom.

Judy Lane

Trusted Executive Advisor

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