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It’s lonely at the top.

Whether you’re a CEO, a Regional Sales Manager or the Team Leader on the plant floor, being the decision maker can be tough. Growing your company, making your numbers, and fostering culture all depend on you.

Who do executives around the world turn to?
Judy Lane.

Judy is a Trusted Advisor whose portfolio of expertise has earned her the right to influence her client’s careers and endeavors. She is an integral part of their  ongoing decision-making process. Her proficiency in facilitating change is viewed as essential to their success.

Judy provides tough feedback but also provides a solid foundation for her clients to take risks and examine vulnerabilities to question assumptions and explore unfamiliar territory. She’s a confidant for those who can’t talk to anyone inside their own organization, helping them to see the forest instead of the trees.

Her role as a Trusted Advisor goes way beyond traditional Executive Coaching. Having reached the pinnacle of credibility and reliability, her responsibilities are based on mutual trust, transparency and candor.

Great Leadership is found in those gut-check moments of life when you look yourself in the mirror, and realize that it’s time to jump off the proverbial cliff and hope that your parachute opens.

As you face these life changing moments,
turn to Judy Lane to be your Trusted Advisor

“Judy Lane is a strong positive force fo rme as a coach and confidant. She has that exceptional ability that few have, to listen and understand. Her professional insight, experience and objective vision create a relationship that executives don’t have within their organizations. Judy is asounding board with empathy, objectivity and, when needed, a wake up call. It has been my distinct pleasure to work wth Judy and I cannot express enough the positive contributions and guidance she has provided me in my professional life as well as difficult times in my personal life. She is a special person with a special gift and provides that required insight and direction that is difficult for you to see within. She is a super coach, confidant and an extraordinary person.”

A. Miller

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