Life Beyond Leadership

Your journey home to yourself will reveal what you were put on this earth to do, to be, to create, to cause, and to lead.

People think of great leaders as those who lead the charge and are decisive, directive and bold. Their stereotype is that real leaders never falter, but instead push through all opposition with Herculean strength, stamina and determination while leading the way with mystical clarity and true grit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of those skills might be useful in achieving challenging goals and objectives, but they are not the story of leadership.

The true story of a great leader is told in the darkest hours before dawn, in those soul-searching moments prior to blinding clarity, or in those gut-check moments when the final pieces of your humanity come together in response to questioning that comes from the very depths of your soul.

Your new future will challenge your thinking and your fundamental beliefs about yourself, your life, and your viewpoints. Judy will take you through an intense investigation of your standards and ideals, values, promises, and commitments.

 Judy Lane provides a road map home to yourself so that your inner and outer stories are aligned.