A vision without a plan is a dream.
A vision with a plan can transform the world.

What is your “Why”?

One of my most influential mentors once told me, “When your future is all used up … all that remains is to be a contribution, and to make a difference for others.”

That took me down a pathway of self-discovery where I was compelled to look at my own personal model of “making a difference.” The daughter of a minister, mostly that looked like social services, serving the poor, the sick, the lost, the afflicted …

I had to explore and navigate my own thinking, and the assumptions behind which I had fit my life, thinking and framework of “contributing to others”, and the value that I “could”, “would”, should” give away my years of leadership wisdom, versus the value of what someone else might have for the gift that my wisdom and contribution might be…

After all, it is no longer about me. But, rather, how the leadership lessons of my own experiences, might create – over there in someone else’s world – an epiphany. A sudden, new approach. A solution that they, alone, have the capacity to see, leverage and implement.

As such, my services offerings are about you, your life, your career, your business, your journey.

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As such, my services offerings are about you, your life, your career, your business, your journey.

Am I a coach?
Nope. I have nothing to teach you.

Am I a consultant that gets paid to do the work?
Nope. I’ve done my time, achieved my results, kudos, awards and acknowledgements.

Am I a psychologist? Counselor? Minister?
Nope. I’ve just been around the block several times, won a few, lost several, and have the leadership wisdom to have your back.

I am a listener. I listen FOR you, for where you are stopped, or struggling with. I listen on the other side of your concerns, and your challenges.

What I do is ask questions. The answers will come from you, and your core values.

I simply ask questions that have you explore your own future path and consider your own options, defined by your Core Values — those principals for which you will stand and take a bullet …  not your circumstances, situations, promises, commitments or beliefs?

When push comes to shove, when do you stand, versus when do you comply?

Leadership Fatigue?
Career Burnout?
Business Struggles?
Visionary questioning?

Only a strategic practitioner that has decades of regional, national and global leadership wisdom can be in your sacred space and facilitate your inquiry and journey into your own “WHY”

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