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Meet Judy Lane

Judy Lane is a behavioral sociologist, a licensed educator, a certified Birkman Consultant, a CultureSync Approved Tribal Leader, and has lead transformative leadership programs around the world.  Her professional portfolio includes regional and national leadership initiatives on behalf of Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, not-for-profit associations and privately-held businesses.

For more than 30 years, Judy has been elevating individual performers into high performance teams, while transforming organizational effectiveness through the “power of we.” Judys transformative approach enables responsive change to grow from within, and creates an integral process that can continue for the lifetime of an organization.

Judy is known for bringing clarity and transformation to an individual, team or organization as they explore new options, cultivate new thinking, and invent new approaches to complex personal and professional challenges. Her clients rely on her support as they fulfill their organizational leadership roles while balancing the stress of success.

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Her Mission? To foster, train, develop and mentor teams of leaders.

Her Purpose? To restore the passion and revitalize the vision of leaders.

Her Promise? A world transformed through leadership, with laughter and with love.

Signature Services

Trusted Senior Advisor

Judy energizes high-performance leaders as they explore new options, cultivate new thinking, and create new approaches to complex personal and professional challenges. Her client relationships are based on mutual respect, integrity, trust, candor, and a shared vision. Judy’s clients see her proficiency in facilitating change as essential to their success.

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Executive Consultant

Judy Lane is qualified to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Her professional career has spanned business strategy, marketing, public affairs, corporate relations and advocacy.  Her portfolio includes regional, national and global leadership initiatives on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, not-for-profit associations and privately held businesses.

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Signature Programs

Leading People

Leading People demands more than you, alone, can deliver. It actually requires that you get over yourself, and into someone else’s world. It demands a working mastery of what makes people tick. To lead the future, we must train and develop ourselves to be competent at motivating and leading inter-dependent teams that can create in the face of today’s challenging business climate.

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Leadership Fatigue

There is a pivotal moment inside of every leader when the proverbial light switch goes off and you find yourself questioning: “Is this all there is?  Is THIS what my life is for?”

Leaders in Transition

Life happens. Rarely are we asked our opinion. Whether we are ready for the change or not, life happens despite our choosing. We don’t get to opt in.

Life Beyond Leadership

The true story of a great leader is told in the darkest hours before dawn, in those gut-check moments when your humanity comes together and your question your purpose.


Looking for a world-class dynamo that delivers life changing events and keynote addresses?

Look no further! Judy Lane does not just motivate, she leads transformative, life-altering engagements that go to the very heart of who you are! Lane is a champion of the human spirit and has spent her entire life building people up.

She energizes leaders as they explore new options, cultivate new thinking, and invent new approaches to complex personal and professional challenges.

Participants question their basic assumptions and unexamined beliefs that have become their own success ceiling. Whether in person, on site, or by web live conference, participants explore unfamiliar territory while discovering new possibilities for action.

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