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Dedicated to Executive Entrepreneurs & Visionary Leaders

Judy Lane is a dynamic, bold, and visionary leader who is best known by her colleagues, clients and peers as a passionate force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by the numerous national and global campaigns she has orchestrated.

Her professional career has spanned business strategy, marketing, public/corporate relations, advertising and advocacy. Her portfolio has included regional, national and global initiatives on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, not-for-profit associations and privately held businesses.

Judy is qualified to help you walk the walk, not just talk the talk. In her career, she has built businesses, orchestrated regional, national and global campaigns for social transformation, created brands, developed market share, and established valuable relationships and profitable partnerships.

A vision without a plan is a dream.
A plan without a vision is difficult.
A vision with a plan can transform the world.

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