Mission | Vision | Values

While my initiatives and endeavors have been recognized by many, the measure of my greatness can only be measured by my passionate love for humanity that has impacted the lives of many.

Who I am is a humanitarian, a champion of the human spirit. As my leadership matured and my successes gained significance, I became an avid student of human motivation, performance, and achievement. I took a deep dive into what makes people “tick” and what makes teams work.

It all made perfect sense to me. To orchestrate national and global campaigns for corporate responsibility initiatives, I needed to look beyond just the strategy or methodology of integrated communications. I needed to look beyond market share development, customer loyalty campaigns and how to measure interactive clicks.

I was called to learn also about humanity. About how to support great leaders as they, themselves, navigated their own visionary future. And how to help them expand from strategic and tactical wizards into being leaders of core values that pull disparate groups of skill sets into passionate teams that lead through the power of “WE.”


Each of us is gifted with an inner pair of eyes: two perceptual filters. This internal perception provides us with our own understanding of the people and the world around us. These perceptions become the dominant justifications for our actions and heavily determine and motivate our existing viewpoints and behaviors. Both views have power to govern our actions as well as our reactions. Together, these two perceptions, or viewpoints, give color and depth to the unique way we interact with the world around us.

This dual ability to perceive is perfectly normal and is a true indicator of the natural complexity that makes human beings extraordinary. Both perspectives are critical for us to adapt to the formal and informal demands of the social environment with which we engage, much less attempt to lead.


Coaching is educational, not therapeutic. It is sociological, not psychological. The coaching relationship is a confidential, one-on-one learning process that examines current assumptions that have us blocked and or ineffective. This inquiry led by a certified, professional coach leads to new thinking designed to transform attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. Participants are challenged to rethink basic assumptions, conclusions and the resulting decisions that impact their behavioral style.

Each coaching engagement is designed to function inside the individual’s existing framework of values, standards, and ideals, so that they can explore within the known and familiar while taking new ground. Insights may be spontaneous, but behavioral change occurs over time. As such, the coaching relationship is not a one-time event or session but occurs over time.