Leadership Fatigue

Leadership Fatigue is real. It is intense. And it can be debilitating.

Leadership Fatigue is not based upon education, income or any socio-economic phenomena at all.  It goes much deeper than just being stressed out, burned out and direction confused, but strikes at the very core of who you know yourself to be.

Is this all there is?
Is this what my life is for?

To deal with this phenomenon takes more than a vacation, more than a sabbatical, more than a “change of pace.”  A new future has to be invented that is based on your passions – not simply your strengths, skills, or portfolio of expertise.

The prescription for Leadership Fatigue is a personal, introspective journey that is comprehensive and rigorous in pushing the known boundaries of what you perceive and believe.

This personal, one-on-one initiative is a private exploration of one’s beliefs, standards and ideals, commitments, values and core values. It is a deeply introspective inquiry into one’s relationship to the Eternal, and to their life’s purpose.